Download Kanji Look and Learn (N3, N4) PDF

This book is a beginning- to intermediate-level kanji textbook for Japanese-language learners from cultures that do not use Chinese characters.

It is designed for basically two types of students—those who have already begun to learn kanji but want to have more fun in their studies, and those without any background in kanji who want to start learning these characters.

Kanji cannot be mastered overnight, and many learners find the characters to be intimi-dating, tricky to memorize, and easy to forget. We, the authors of this book, have frequently worked with such learners in our roles as Japanese-language instructors, so we decided to pool together ideas from our daily teaching experiences to create a tool for helping students to tackle kanji. By carefully selecting and refining our ideas, we came up with a book that makes kanji learning fun and easy through illustrations and mnemonic hints for each of the 512 characters presented. We hope that this book will enable students to enjoyably learn many kanji and that it will serve as a handy reference for Japanese-language instructors when they teach kanji.

We wish to express our deep appreciation to everyone who assisted us during the five years it took to bring this book to completion. We especially thank Chiaki Sekido of the Japan Times Publications Department for painstakingly editing our work, Noriko Udagawa for drawing the illustrations, Yutaka Ono for aiding our development of the material, and our students for inspiring us to create this book.

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